Our Matildas came through!

Matildas defied a rain-soaked and humid Chengdu and a rapidly deteriorating pitch to become the first Australian team to win the Asian Cup.


Homecoming for the poets

John-Paul Hussey meets two contemporary poets who are neither winsome nor nostalgic when talking of home


Violent fan clashes mark handball final

There were fan clashes in the city of Lamia in an indoor stadium as fans of PAOK and AEK fought running battles in the lead up to the Handball Final Four tournament which was to


Motion passed for the Battle of Crete

National recognition for the Diggers who fought in the World War II Battle of Crete seems closer


Xenophon takes on ‘cults’

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has attacked the practices of the Church of Scientology and calls for reform of laws dealing with religious and charity organisations.


Greece needs to look east

Greece needs to become again a conduit between east and west and not focus on being European


PAOK and AEK fans clash

Greek police were again caught off guard in Lamia as hundreds of supporters clashed with police and each other on Saturday, injuring 14 people and forcing officials to suspend the


Lucky Peter nabs an iPad

Eleven year old Peter Giasoumi bought an iPad on Friday, after its nation-wide release, at Chadstone Shopping Centre’s Apple store.


Greeks to make case to Gillard

The Australian Hellenic Council is meeting the Federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard to press for the inclusion of of Modern Greek in the National Curriculum


Battle of Crete: Greece sacrificed much for the greater good

Maria Hill looks at the real reasons as to why Diggers who fought an died in Crete against the Germans are not remembered in Australia.