Eurocup triumph for Athinaikos!

Athinaikos won the first ever European trophy for a Greek women’s basketball side, prompting wild celebrations inside and outside the stadium.


A breath of oxygen in the accessory market

Monique van Gellecum shares her experience of owning and operating accessory label OXYGEN.


Sub cash deal between Greece and Germany revealed

Millions exchanged hands between middlemen and officials over the sale of German-made submarines to the Greek navy in 2000.


Sexy is completely different to trashy!

Sexiness has its rules and it is about imagination and charisma.


Heated General Meeting expected Oakleigh Greek Community

Controversial issues arising ahead of the AGM at the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh, Melbourne.


Joint programs for Turkey and Greece

Turkey and Greece announced a series of measures on Thursday designed to build confidence between the two countries, including joint military training designed in part to ease yea


2010 Kastellorizian of the Year announced

A Sydney lawyer who serves on several government and community boards and who is a mad Rabbitohs fan will be Kastellorizian of the Year in 2010.


Financial gloom clouds Greece

ABC’s Foreign Correspondent is talking to Greeks about how they feel about the financial crisis facing Greece.


Greek terror suspects caught

Six members of Greek terrorist group, Revolutionary Struggle were arrested on Saturday by the Greek police, the group are suspected of a number of attacks on police, the U.S. Embas


Salonica where Angels fell

A proposed film will highlight the plight of the Greek Jews in World War II and their daring Sonderkommando uprising at the Auschwitz-Birkenau