Greece must become more responsible in its foreign policy

Nick Giannoukakis examines the ways in which Greek foreign policy can demonstrate why it merits attention from the Obama administration.


Who does The Age write for?

Jeana Vithoulkas questions whether The Age reflects the cultural diversity of Melbourne in its editorial policies.


Debt debate bypassed as the Budget gets political

Nick Economou asseses the politics of the 2009 Federal Budget.


A journey to a simpler Buddhist life

A practising Buddhist who has survived multiples sclerosis, a gambling addiction and a history of violence talks about his journey and what his faith means to him.


The Battle of Crete: A campaign ignored

That so little attention is paid to the Australian contribution to the campains in mainland Greece and Crete is a disservice to the many AUstrealians who took part in those camp


Crisis strikes SAE Youth of Victoria

A chain of emails and a dispute that erupted amongst the members of the SAE Victoria Youth Committee saw the resignation of its President.


John Salvaris: 2009 Kazzie of the Year

Four decades of community service has see John Salvaris awarded Kastellorizian of the Year for 2009.


Election battle lines drawn

The early closure of the Greek Parliament has seen the Karamanlis government come under attack from opposition parties.


Greek puppet master Evgenios Spatharis dies at 85 after fall

The passing of Evgenios Spatharis sees the end of a 20th century legend renown for his performances of Karangiozi, the Greek shadow puppet.


ERT’s sports hunt comes to Australia

An international documentary on Greeks and sport saw Greece’s national broadcaster, ERT, visit Melbourne and profile Greek Australian sporting legends.