Panhellenic Games underway

The fourth Panhellenic Games are underway in Darwin.


NY Fashion Week 2011

Fashion capitals New York, London, Milan and Paris are in a state of fashion frenzy with Fashion Week in full swing.


Dora’s recipe: Preserved lemons

Dora’s recipe looks at the history of lemons in Greece with a recipe for preserved lemons.


Greek research scholarship

The ANU (Canberra) and Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens are offering a scholarship for a student or other scholar from the ACT to spend between two and


How to outsmart our smartest technologies

Dr Edward H Spence looks at the current trend with ‘smart’ technologies and how to stay one step ahead using philosophy.


Show us your orchids

The Spring Orchid Show will be held at St Sava Community Centre on Saturday 8 October to Sunday 9 October.


Venizelos lowers asset-sales goal

Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos scaled back a target for raising revenue to pay down debt from state-asset sales amid slumping stock values and delays in implementing th


Stolen icon

An icon of the virgin Mary was stolen from a shrine in Melbourne.


Father of two murdered in Melbourne

A Greek Australian man has been found dead at a house in Springvale, Melbourne, last week.


Facing dementia – a carer’s story

Mike Sweet investigates the pandemic of dementia in our ageing population, and the challenge our community faces.