Contemporary Greek cinema life

Penny Kyprianou provides a preview of the upcoming Greek Film Festival which is taking place across Australia in September and October 2009.


Tom Hanks goes too far in Antiparos

An extension of a property in Antiparos has landed Tom Hanks and his Greek wife, Rita Wilson, in trouble.


Deep Purple readying to rock Greek metal heads

Hard rock and metal fans are in for a treat when 70s rock dogs Deep Purple perform in Athens.


And bring all Cyprus comfort

On the eve of the commemoration of the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, DR MICHALIS MICHAEL looks at the complex factors at play in the resolution of the Cyprus issue.


A Venetian journey to Zakynthos

A summer holiday in Venice and Zakynthos has Jeana Vithoulkas reflecting on the inter-relationships in our sense of the past and our place in it.


Young Greek of the Week

Stavrina Koutsantonis, who loves katsikaki lemonato sto fourno and feels that determined is the one word that best describes her, is our Young Greek of the Week.


Spartan sisterhood renewed

A sister-city relationship between Moreland and Sparta is being proposed by the Mayor of Moreland, Lambros Tapinos.


Multiculturalism made real for children

The Journey series recently published by Oxford University Press their families and their belongings as they journey from all parts of the world to make their new home


Toli’s the full bean when it comes to coffee

Toli Avgerinos shares his experience of running Atomica Coffee, Melbourne’s leading boutique coffee roasters.


Mavridis takes over new Synergy Plus group

The successes of Peter Mavridis multiply as his IT company expands with the merger of three companies to form S Central.