Tow away with style

John Stoumbos shares his experience of operating Active Towing, a successful towing business.


Talk loudly and carry an iPod? You’re asking for it

An opinion piece on the spate of attacks on Indians in the western suburbs of Melbourne and the police response to the attacks.


Noris Ioannou leads a colourful nexus

A profile of Nexus, the South Australian multicultural arts organisation which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.


On being Greek

Niki Sperou explores the identity politics at play for Australian Greeks as they move between Australia and in Greece.


Gifts from Aphrodite’s isle at the Cypriot Food and Wine Festival

The annual Cypriot Food and Wine Festival will provide a showcase of the modern and the traditional food, music and dance from the island of Aphrodite.


Spending cuts proposed for 2009

The Greek Prime Minister, Costas Karamanlis, announced a 12 point plan to cut government spending in an effort to deal with the economic crisis.


Apogevmatini attacked

Anti-racism demonstrators attacked the offices of the newspaper Apogevmatini.


Price controls put on petrol

Strict checks will be put on petrol prices in Greece.


Metro use rises

The number of Athenians using the Athens Metro has increased in the last 12 months.


Illegal dumps ‘on the nose’ in Greece

Greece has seen the closure of more than 1600 illegal dumps since the middle of 2008.