Television debates make voters ponder

The two election debates in Greece last week saw the leaders of the major political parties stake their claims for support from the Greek electorate.


HRT concern for over-60s

A recently published survey has found women undergoing hormon replacement treatment are significantly more likely to die of lung cancer.


It’s all Greek to their ears

The University of New South Wales and the Hellenic Studies Foundation appear to be at loggerheads over the discussions recently held in relation to the future of the Modern Greek D


Ross Makris heads BRW under-40 rich list

South Australian property developer Ross Makris heads BRW magazine’s list of Australia’s richest people under the age of forty.


FYROM PM likely to visit Australia

The visit to Australia by the Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, to sign a social security agreement still appears to be on the cards.


Ανακαλύφθηκαν σκελετοί στην Τροία

Πιθανόν από την εποχή του Τρωικού πολέμου.


At the helm of trade

Simon Crean has the role of generating a new brand for Australia which will encompase our cultural diversity, our innovation and excellence in services and goods.


‘80s flashback cosmetics disaster!

Tips on how to eighties makeup without looking like an extra from the ‘Thriller’ film clip.


Vegetarianism: Is it healthy?

Answer all your questions on whether vegetarianism is a healthy option with our guide to a healthy and well-balanced vegetarian diet.


Fashion news

From People Magazine’s 10 best dressed women to Lindsay Lohan having a dummy spit at New York Fashion Week, we have the latest news from the world of fashion covered.