In order to connect with the local community and share their Cypriot heritage, the Greek Cypriot Youth of Melbourne – Apostolos Andreas, under the Australia and New Zealand branch of NEPOMAK (World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots) – held a cooking workshop and lunch at the church hall of the Greek Orthodox Church of St Andrew in Sunshine West.

Around 30 people from all over Melbourne attended. Participants from across Melbourne’s multicultural communities, including groups of friends and generations of family members, enjoyed learning the tricks for cooking perfect koupes (bulgur stuffed with mince), rustic halloumopita (spiral halloumi pie) and homely pastitsio (pasta bake).

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There was more to the day than just cooking and eating. While rolling out dough and filling koupes casings with aromatic mince, participants bonded over stories of growing up as first, second and third generation Greek-Australians and shared fond memories of cooking with their families growing up.