Nicolas Cage is in Cyprus for the filming of Jiu Jitsu. He met with the press at Hilton Park in Nicosia for a press conference over the weekend.

While guests shared their love of Cypriot culture and cuisine, Cage highlighted what drew him to the movie.

“I’m eclectic,” he said. “And I like to do all kinds of movies and express myself in all sorts of ways and this was interesting for me.”

There are hopes that the movie could just be the start of more to come.

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“This motion picture is a test case,” said producer Martin Barab, speaking to journalists, adding that there are six more movies behind this one that will star actors of the calibre of Gerard Butler, Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves.

“These are $50 million movies,” he said, adding that it was the cash-rebate programme and other tax incentives that drew the production of Jiu Jitsu to Cyprus.

Chris Economides warned that Hollywood producers are taking note. “People are watching us to see how this is going to fly,” he said.

The production of Jiu Jitsu is expected to come to $US24.6 million and involves 160 crew members.

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Shots from the making of Jiu Jitsu: