Greece and Australia are closer than ever and opportunities to travel back and forth have never been more convenient. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper flights, there are ways to locate cheaper seats and ensure that you have the best possible fares.

(1) Use technology. Download travel apps such as SkyScanner on your phone and programme these to ensure you can find the cheapest flights. Sometimes a few days difference in travel can ensure cheaper flights. Alternatively, connecting through different routes can also ensure cheaper fares before connecting to Athens. Keep an eye on that offers deals for just a few hours before these expire.

(2) Plan ahead. Last-minute flights are usually the most expensive, and procrastinators end up paying more for their flights. Don’t wait until the last minute as most stats showing that the worst time to book a flight was within 13 days of flying or too far in advance of more than five months. The optimal time is seven weeks in advance. There are even stats that show when the best day and time to book a flight is, with most sources pointing to midweek Wednesday starting from midnight Tuesday.

(3) Be flexible. The price of flights can vary according to the day or time you travel, with cheapest flights available at off-peak days such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Skyscanner lets passengers compare flight prices across the whole month and these are often cheaper when you avoid travelling on weekends. Unpopular hours early in the morning or late at night are also cheaper than other options. Leftover tickets are also up for grabs at the last minute to those who are flexible enough to leave on a whim.

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(4) Go incognito. Airlines use your location to determine the fares that you get. By using the incognito mode on your browser you’re not giving them any demographic information that could be stored. Alternatively, clear your browsing history.

(5) Subscribe. Set up a secondary email account just for airline emails from big carriers flying to and from Greece to be informed about flash sales and discounts. Sign up for air fare alerts from sites like Airfare Watchdog and take advantage of mistakes that airlines sometimes make when announcing fares, by keeping an eye out on secret fares.

(6) Check other routes. Look from alternative flights from your city to other hubs, and use different carriers along part of the route, especially low-cost carriers.

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(7) Use points. Use accrued miles for outbound flights, oftentimes cheaper than the arrival flight.

(8) Identify the best payment method. Avoid getting stung with booking fees by finding the best means of payment. PlFurthermore, be aware of credit card member benefits and frequent flyer points.

(9) Consider a longer layover. Flights with longer layovers come attached with cheaper price tags.