Rebooting Multicultural Australia

John Giannikos Despite the author’s claims to the contrary, Western Australia is incredibly diverse. It has a significantly higher portion of overseas born than national average, including an enormous Italian, Indian and Filipino community as well as diverse religious affiliations. Maybe one needs to research before making false assumptions.

Amelia Wolf Kata We can re boot it…. right out of policy!

Con Vaitsas John, in recent years a much higher proportion of white South Africans and British immigrants have settled in WA compared to the rest of the country. The diversity of immigrants arriving in recent years is not the same as the rest of Australia.

John Giannikos Con Vaitsas, thanks Con, well and truly aware of South Africans and Brits, but also am equally aware of a proportionally higher Indian, Italian and Filipino population as well as a booming Muslim and Buddhist population. Compared to Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, WA is incredibly more diverse.

Oral histories of Greece

Samantha Sim Get on with it, Greece.

Paula Manias I’m not sure if it has been done with early Greek migrants in Australia yet, but as there are now few and far between, l would love to see something done similar here.

Christina Pavlides Con Emmanuelle of Tales of Cyprus has been doing this exact same thing in Australia, London and Cyprus for the past seven years. He has collected over 120 family stories mostly from people over 80 years of age and digitised 1000 of pre 1950s photographs. Check out his book on This is not a new idea.

Lesbian kiss ‘removed’ from Australian TV

Tall Poppy Networking Not good enough. It’s 2020 and we need to accept diversity

Alexia Little No!! I don’t HAVE to accept any damn thing!! Don’t force stuff down our throats when this is the minority! Get lost!!!

Aristides Tselekidis Tall Poppy Networking, just under 50 per cent of Australia is against gays.

Dorothy Soderiou The fact that Australian media is homophobic in 2020 is News. Censorship needs to be challenged if we are serious about equality and diversity in Media.

Stefan Eracleous Dorothy Soderiou, it’s not homophobic it’s ensuring public decency.

Sophia Kaka Dorothy Soderiou, maybe there just aren’t homosexuals in the bay? Not all people in life need to be shown on every TV ad or show. My best friend chooses to love someone of the same sex. I don’t like him just because that’s one part of his life. If pushing a cause makes it equality, I don’t believe it truly is.

Alex Kaltsas Australia 2020. Its not “It’s ok to be gay” anymore. It’s BE GAY, ITS OK! More like a demand to the young kids… So stop demanding!