Singer/songwriter Monika Christodoulou – known to the world simply as Monika – came to people’s attention with her debut album Avatar in 2008.

Her latest work, Saving the World, is a moving tribute to medical workers, the “everyday heroes” on the front-line of the coronavirus crisis. And as a show of gratitude, the singer has announced on her official web page that all proceeds generated by the Youtube hits will be donated to support medical staff.

“With 100 per cent of the song’s proceeds from Youtube being donated to the national health service of each country the song is released in, we can proudly say that we are making a difference with every Youtube view,” she wrote on her web page.

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She says, “Nothing I say or do can ever show the gratitude I feel for the medical staff and all the people working in hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak. I did feel that the least I can do for them is to sit at my piano and try to express all the things we all experience and keep inside. From the doctors and nurses to the sanitation workers, you were my inspiration for this song and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Monika states that her song, Saving the World, much to her surprise became a “global initiative” to give back to the heroes who are saving the world.

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Enjoy the song with lyrics by Stavros Xenidis: