Landmark Greek music compilation tops iTunes chart for DJ Krazy Kon

Playing board games with the family on New Year’s Eve is not usual for one of the top Greek dance DJs in Australia. It was an unusually quiet start to 2021 for Kon Daris, who as KrazyKon set the beat on the new year dance floors over the last 26 years.

But already Mr Daris has plenty to celebrate in 2021 with his Greece Mix Volume 25 Anniversary album topping the iTunes Dance Chart Top 150 just four days after its release. As with his two previous compilation albums, the latest one is also breaking into Australia’s ARIA charts.

The release of the latest compilation while coinciding with Greece 200th Anniversary celebrations also marks his personal landmark of a quarter of a century in the music business.

Last year, Greece Mix 24: Classics Edition made on the it on the ARIA Top 20 Compilations Chart – a first for a Greek music compilation on the Australian charts. It also reached number one on the iTunes Dance Chart Top 150 within days after its release – giving the series international exposure.

His breaking into the ARIA charts points to a widening audience for Greek music in Australia.

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“The fact that the compilations are making on to the mainstream charts means we are breaking into other communities in Australia. We are breaking new ground and will continue to break new ground,” Mr Daris told Neos Kosmos.

“My style is high impact, with hit flowing on to hit so that it all flows beautifully.”

“I chose the 18 tracks from the biggest artists in Greece who delivered the biggest hits over the year across a variety of music styles, to reach a wide demographic (of listeners),” Mr Daris said.

The process of putting the compilations takes some time. Starting with the gaining the approval of the artists and their companies for the songs to appear on the CDs.

Artists such as Kostantinos Argiros, Giorgios Sabanis, Paola, Natasha Theodoridou, Giorgios Papadopoulos, Michalis Hatziyiannis, Nikos Ikonomopoulos are among the 18 artists who feature in the latest compilation.

Once approval from the artists was gained, the process of setting the songs in their most effective order began and his 26 years’ experience in music came to the fore. Mr Daris knows almost by instinct what will get people get on to the floor and keep them there.

“Each compilation has its own identity. People wait for the albums to come out because they know they will get a good selection of music.

“There are so many genres of Greek music that have developed over the years. Along with Laiki (Popular music) there are other genres including wrap and trap music.

“I pride myself in introducing Greek music to Greek Australians and to the rest of the world. One has to keep up with the changes (in the music). The compilations have evolved over the years and it is why I have been able to keep going over 25 years,” said Mr Daris.

Greece Mix Volume 25 Anniversary album can be bought via  DJ Krazy Kon’s website  or the iTunes World wide site, or you can buy the CD from selected outlets: Oakleigh Music Centre in Melbourne. In Sydney from Alevri HQ, Stretto Espresso, Creative Apron, or Big Fat Greek (Sydney). In Adelaide from the Parthenon Emporium.