Long before it was hip to go green and natural in beauty care, Apivita was determined to give back to the environment.

It was 1972 in Greece when pharmacists and beekeepers, Niki and Nikos Koutsianas molded the first soaps from propolis and Greek herbal extracts.

Little did they know then that they were on the cusp of forming Apivita, now the largest Greek natural skincare company.

“People thought we were mad because we had made black soap that smelt of thyme oil, back then they were used of white, clean smelling soaps,” Koutsianas says, with a hint of irony.

“But once they started seeing results they realised that these natural ingredients were effective”.

Koutsianas is down to earth,  and this is his first time in Australia to promote the new Apivita Wine Elixir range.

Drawing on inspiration from the father of Greek holistic medicine, Hippocrates and his own knowledge of the therapeutic properties of Greek flora, Koutsianas explain how he began by creating and prescribing natural skin care products in his pharmacy.

Nikos Koutsianas sourced most of his raw ingredients from over 5000 species of flora which carpet the Greek countryside or anchor precariously on mountains’  cliffs, or are native to the many islands. Being a beekeeper as well, he was able to draw from the ancient art and his own bee products, including organic honey, royal jelly and propolis.

Launching Apivita in 1979, Koutsianas went on to develop over 4,000 formulas that have made Apivita a success in more than 3,000 Greek pharmacies and spas as well as across 20 countries. Koutsianas in many ways reflects that very ancient Greek arts of medicine and natural alchemy.

Apivita’s essential oil and vitamin enriched range includes cleansers and moisturisers, body and hair care products, For those fortunate enough to live in Greece Apivita customise  formulas according to a client’s needs.

Out of their 350 products, 52 are registered organic and boast to being 85 to 100 percent natural ingredients.

“Natural and organic products are now the fastest-growing category of the cosmetics industry, growing at over 35 percent every year,” Koutsianas says. “Yet whilst his products are continually advancing in formulation and expanding as a result of extensive research, this skincare guru is quick to acknowledge his philosophical roots.
“It is in our DNA to protect the environment and to give back to nature what we have taken,” he says.

“Apivita is placing this philosophy into action as they are in the process of developing Greece’s first, bio-climate production plant, using state of the art filters to keep gas emissions from research and production as low as possible.

“Creating movement is important and we hope to pass on our philosophy of protecting the environment- it is the way of the future,” underscores Koutsianas.

The new Wine Elixir line is available from Myer and selected pharmacies.

The range aims to improve skin elasticity, hydrate, and prevent wrinkles through a the active synergy  of resveratrol from red wine, lupin, beeswax, oat and lecithin.

Wine Elixir works to improve mood and enhance well-being, bringing out one’s real beauty.