How much time a father spends with his children can impact on their development which is why the Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS) is coordinating an eight week men’s program in mid-May in Richmond to support Greek dads who have school aged children.

According to recent studies conducted at Yale University Melbourne Royal Children’s hospital, children with an involved and caring father are more likely to develop a healthier body and mind, have good social skills, self esteem, and are less prone to mental health issues, alcohol and drug issues.

“The work shop aims to improve your communication and closeness with your kids and to give you more of an understanding of what makes these kid’s minds work,” says AGWS social worker, Poppy Hearn.

“It’s about walking alongside your kids instead of going against them. Responding in an aggressive or negative manner to a child/teenager who gets aggressive, doesn’t help.
“But if you speak to them with respect by understanding where they’re coming from even if you don’t agree with it, you’re opening the door for more effective communication.”

Did you know that ‘hard-wiring’ for the brain is laid down by the time a child is about six years of age? This, amongst other topics is discussed in the first session of the program-’Why Dads Matter to Kids’.

The AGWS claim that if you want to see your children relate well with others, then social attachment is much easier if there is a healthy bond with parents before they turn two.

They have outlined some basic guidelines around the role of a father and responsibilities that children require for a balanced life below.

  • A porter to get them around such as to school, sporting events and friend’s houses.
  • A provider of emotional, physical, and financial support.
  • A promoter to manage them and produce the best in them such as to encourage them in their sporting or academic endeavours.
  • A protector to ensure their safety and well being.
  • A play mate to stimulate their growth and happiness.
  •  How much you are involved with your children is often influenced by your own experience of childhood.

If you have any queries regarding the program and/or wish to join please call Adonis on 93889998.