“In a dramatically changing global environment”, says Dr Hass Dellal the Director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, AMF.

“We need dynamic arts leaders with a strong understanding of how to engage with cultural diversity, locally, nationally and internationally” he adds.

Dr Dellal represents one of the organisations which has partnered up with Kape Communications, RMIT University and the Australia Council for the arts to lead Multicultural Arts Professional Development or MAPD.

The AMF is now heading a conference in Singapore with LaSalle College for the arts under the aegis of the Commonwealth Foundation which will look at the global impact of cultural diversity and the arts.

“The issues and projects which have arisen out of MAPD over the years will feature of this international conference,” said Dr Dellal to Neos Kosmos.

Dr Dellal underscored the importance of the arts in “facilitating cultural cohesion” and the various “entrepreneurial cultural endeavours can sustain communities.”

“MAPD is ideal for cultural managers, arts marketers, community arts specialists and artists, who want build their skills in utilising cultural diversity for audience development, community partnerships and arts marketing,” said Fotis Kapetopoulos who initiated the MAPD over eight years ago.

Mr Kapetopoulos who heads Kape Communcations says:”We began as a pilot program and now it has become a key professional development program in the arts and have over 100 alumni.”

“I am keen to see more Greek Australians involved as we can play an excellent role as mentors in arts leadership for new and emerging communities,” he adds.

Mr Kapetopoulos also went on to emphasise that the program is “accredited at MBA level” and it is one of the only intensive professional development programs in the arts which “looks at non-arts business and entreprise models.”

MAPD, an Executive Program at RMIT Business, includes the five key areas of study: Multiculturalism—policy and application; Cultural Brokerage as presentation; Innovation in Entrepreneurship; Income Generation; and Culturally Diverse Marketing and Communications.

MAPD begins with an intensive five day period in Melbourne, August at RMIT University followed by consultations and one-to-one advice for a period of up to seven months, whereby participants complete a relevant project.
Applications close June 30, 2010 for more information go to www.kape.com.au or contact Kape Communications  on (03) 9470 1099