Alexander McQueen’s used them in his Spring/Summer shows, and Beyonce flashed them in her Single Ladies video clip.

If you haven’t heard of them already, Minx Nails is a genius alternative to nail polish and a new cult nail trend in Hollywood. Unlike false nails, Minx is a very thin, flexible film with an adhesive back that is heat activated. It can be applied to either natural or false nails and can be peeled off easily without any damage to the nails.

Bold designs from cheetah prints to bridal inspired patterns are available in Australia, thanks to the Switchy Funky team, Peter and Lucy Lykissas. Last week I got my toenails minxed and I was really pleased with the results.

I was tempted by the black and white houndtooth Minx as sported by Scarlett Johansson but in the end settled for the chic black with silver stripes design.

My manicurist Trish Palermo from Sassy Nails in Dandenong North started with a mini pedicure to prep the nail. She then applied the Minx adhesives by heating them under a heat lamp and fitting them onto my nails.

Like cling wrap, they basically shrunk to wrap around my nails and the sticky bit that protruded the nail was carefully filed away so that it fit the nail perfectly. The result? Glamorous black metallic toenails with super shiny silver stripes.

The best thing about it is that there is no drying time, and the colour can’t smudge or chip off because it’s not nail polish!

I will definitely be trying the silver lightening minx next on my fingernails, which Peter says has been a hit both here and in Hollywood.

Now where’s my red carpet dress? The application costs $65 and lasts about one week on the nails, and up to 8 weeks on the toenails.

For more information visit or call 1800 700 510. Alternatively if you live near Dandenong, I’d recommend manicurist, Trish: (03) 97959730.