The soothing sound that emanates from Jose Gonzalez’s music is a real delight. He has such a unique sound, which is very hard to ignore.

Lucky Greek fans were fortunate to see him live in Athens last week as he stopped off in Greece on a whirlwind European tour.

Gonzalez has a low-tone voice, and his music is often described as serious and introverted. Yet he has been embraced globally by pretty much every demographic; from the hard-to-please indie crowd, to middle aged baby boomers.

It has been four years since his first album Veneer was unleashed on the world, and now he is back with a second studio album called In Our Nature.

You might say four years is a long time between drinks, but so much has happened along his journey. In those four years Gonzalez achieved record-breaking sales, embarked on a massive tour of Europe, North America, Asia and South America and received plentiful awards for his single Heartbeats, which featured on the Sony Bravia TV commercial and is praised as being his big break outside of the indie circuit.

The Swede is still in his mid-20s and definitely has more to come.