I found a baklava recipe in Greece with only apricots. I made it, but I found it a little dry. I then made it again adding walnuts and it was yummy. There are many types of baklava in Greece, the Lebanese version with pistachios, with almonds, walnuts and nearly all the versions I mention in the baklava history. Cut the pieces small, so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the syrup. I have made it a habit to always put in less sugar than any of the recipes I have seen. Dora can be contacted at: dora@neoskosmos.com.au


Preheat oven to 125C, then half way through turn it up to 180C.


For filo: 1 packet of filo For filling: 200 grams apricots, cut and soaked in water for ½ hour 200 walnuts, coarsely ground 100 grams melted butter About 2 teaspoons of brandy For syrup: ½ cup water 225 grams sugar 1 stick cinnamon 4 cardamom seeds, cracked open 4-5 cloves


1.Boil all the syrup ingredients together and allow to cool.

2. Brush the base of the pan with the butter.

3. Layer 2-3 filo sheets buttered in between.

4. Add one layer of walnuts.

5. Cover with 2-3 sheets of filo, always buttering each sheet.

6. Add one layer of apricots and sprinkle with brandy.

7. Lay another 3 sheets of filo buttered in between.

8. Spread the remaining walnuts.

9. Lay 3 sheets of filo again buttered between each filo and tuck the sides of the filo inwards.

10. Cut baklava in squares or diamonds. You might like to put a clove on each slice (optional).

11. Bake for 1 hour in a slow oven and then crank up the heat to 180C for another 30 minutes.

12. Take out of the oven and pour the cold syrup on top evenly while very hot, allow to cool and never cover as it goes soggy.