While many people throughout Greece’s history have migrated abroad for one reason or another, it would seem that for a large portion of them, their homeland has continued to hold a special place in their hearts. So in times of crisis the vast Greek diaspora has stepped up to play a significant role in helping and supporting communities in Greece, which is explored in a recently published book by Professor Matoula Tomara-Sideris, the founder of the Society for the Study of the Hellenic Diaspora at Panteion University.

Titled Benefaction in Modern Greece: Theory and History, the book delves into the history of Greek communities receiving assistance from the 18th century on wards, with the diaspora making a particularly significant contribution to the formation of the modern Greek state.

Eminent entrepreneurs have acted as benefactors in undertaking works of common interest, substituting for the official state, collectives and institutions.

The author puts forward a thorough analysis of the history, ideology, personal and social mechanisms underlying the practice of benefaction.

Meanwhile also included are all the major foundations and institutions in Greece and the contribution they have made in various sectors of society, including the Onassis Foundation, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Bodossakis Foundation, the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, and a host of others.