Did you know that untreated hearing loss is associated with accelerated cognitive decline and a higher risk of dementia? Recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia.

Greek Australian audiologist Julia Yannakis from Active Audiology has analysed these trials closely.

“If you have two people with a hearing loss, both will experience a degree of mental decline with the ageing process. However the person who hears better (because they’re wearing hearing aids) experiences a lower level of brain deterioration,” she explains.

Devices that were once associated with “getting old”, may actually slow down the ageing process.

“I notice a significant change in patients’ behaviour after as little as a few weeks of wearing hearing aids. They’re more confident and less tired,” says Julia. \

Julia Yannakis. Photo: Supplied

She explains that hearing aids are transmitting proper sound signals that are clear and audible. The brain spends less energy on having to struggle with hearing conversation, which is why her patients no longer feel exhausted.

“What’s important is they are communicating and socialising again. The sound pathways in the brain are being stimulated, ultimately prolonging their mental health. It’s no different to how our bodies need to be exercised to keep muscles active and healthy,” explains Julia.

Despite these new findings on the benefits of hearing aids on the brain, many are still delaying their decision to be fit with hearing aids. Cost and aesthetics are the biggest concerns.

Most modern hearing devices these days are smaller than a five-cent coin. However, finding a device that you like the look of is only the beginning. “Successful hearing outcomes occur with proper programming by a trained audiologist. We spend a lot of time fine-tuning devices to target specific hearing problems that our patients experience daily,” explains Julia.

“We believe a hearing aid is expensive when it’s not worn. We do everything we can to ensure that the investment you have made works optimally to improve hearing health and brain function.”

To make the process less daunting, Active Audiology offers no-obligation; 14-day trials of the latest technology in hearing devices. Patients can take devices home and experience the difference in their normal listening environments.

Active Audiology clinics are government-accredited to provide free hearing services and aids to pensioners and self-funded retirees. They are also accredited to provide hearing devices for WorkSafe Australia.

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