The newest series of the enormously successful ‘Assassin’s Creed’ action-adventure game franchise is set in Ancient Greece and liberally based on Greek mythology.

Set during the Peloponessian War, ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ allows players to choose their protagonist, either Alexios or Kassandra, a mercenary who manages to obtain the Spear of legendary Spartan warrior Leonidas. The characters cross war-torn ancient Greece  where the stunning images of sea, villages, markets and temples become the setting for adrenaline pumping pursuits and  blood splattering battles.

Players will be able to participate in new, 150-character battles, that carry great similarities to wars in ancient Greece, and there will also be the return of naval battles. According to the game’s developers, the world map of this entry will be the biggest the franchise has ever seen, despite most of it being covered by water.

The way players choose to interact with the world will have an impact on how the game responds to them, (for example, if they choose to fight for honour, to be a mercenary or a ruthless killer will determine how the non-playable characters act toward the main character).

What strikes the most however, are the game’s vibrant colours, the architecture and even the behaviour of the characters that are very faithful to Greece.

It seems that the team at Ubisoft have done their homework when it comes to researching ancient Greek mythology, as even the islands of Mykonos and Delos carry distinct differences between them in the way the characters act and how the buildings look. There are also statues of ancient Greek entities sprinkled around the game’s world.

In this clip from episode three, “Trouble in Paradise”, Kassandra island hops to beautiful Mykonos City where she pursues the soldier Mateos the Invincible on horseback and eventually renders him, well vincible. It’s amazing what she can do with right kick and a sword.

The game was first developed in 2007 and since then has sold over 100 million copies. Its story is based on a centuries-old struggle between the good guys, the Assassins, who fight for peace, and the Templars who fight for total, bloody control. The series has been adapted to a  film, comics and novels features historical fiction mixed with real historical events and figures.

Ubisoft describe the game as set in ‘Greece’s Golden Age’ when the architecture is distinguished but the body count is excessive.

Watch the clip below but parental guidance is recommended.