Famous heiress Athina Onassis – the only living descendant of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis- had been in a deep legal battle with her now ex-husband Brazilian rider Alvaro de Miranda Neto, also known as Doda, for over two years.

The couple married back in 2005 but had known eacho other for many years as Onassis was also a competitive show jumper.

Initial claims by Doda, amounted to a 350,000 euro per month high alimony according to a pre-nuptial agreement that would also grant him a one-off 11 million euro payment, including the horses the couple had bought pr breaded together in the case of a divorce filed by Onassis. The heiress filed for divorce in 2016 after a friend of hers informed her that de Miranda was in a parallel relationship with a Belgian model for more than eight out of the 11 years he was married to the Greek millionaire.

According to German lifestyle magazine Bunte.de published with the headline “Doda gets almost nothing”, both parties represented their cases at the Belgian Court, a swift procedure followed by their lawyers calling for an agreement. It is not the financial settlement of the divorce that has sparked up the interest of the media though.

Speaking to Greek newspaper Espresso, Alexis Mantheakis, who is a close friend of the Onassis family said that it was “a Belgian woman who worked as an escort who approached me and handed me a file with all the evidence that she was in relationship with de Miranda”.

“The file contained bills including accommodation in hotels, flights et cetera,” he added, explaining that the model/call girl who goes by the name Niki, had been extremely frustrated by Doda’s requests and behaviour over the years and wanted to expose him.

“I met him when I was working as a call-girl. I had no idea who he was. I’d heard of the Onassis family, but nothing about Doda,” Niki appears to have told Mantheakis, claiming it took her five years to realise who she was really sharing her bed with.

Mantheakis who published the woman’s testimony in his most recent book continues: “While she dated Doda, she had other relationships, too- even with Doda’s friends and co-athletes- whom she’d meet at horse shows.

“It was in 2011, when while watching horse races on TV that I recognised Doda among other jumpers . I told him I’d found out who he really was but assured him this would not change anything between us. Then we started travelling together. I followed him to Rio to attend the Athina Onassis Horse Show. He slowly started entrusting me with his family secrets, for example, the reasons why Athina had stopped talking to her father Thierry Roussel.”

“I kept seeing Doda until June 2014, when we met at Saint Tropez for the Athina Onassis Horse Show. That was the last time I saw him. We had a very intense argument on our last date, in the car. After that fight he decided to end things with me. I made it clear that I wouldn’t be his toy anymore. I demanded he’d be honest towards me, as I had been towards him. I got even more angry a few weeks later when his lawyers contacted me to ensure my silence and that his private life would not be exposed.”

“He’d pay me to be with his friends,” she revealed, disclosing names of co-athletes, friends he would make her see, dates, numbers and hotels where she would meet with them.

“It was his wish for me to have sex with his friends. I was having sex with one once in his car and another one was watching us. Sometimes I’d go to Brazil just to have sex,” the woman whose alias was “Princess Charlotte”, said.

In some of the messages she disclosed, included in Mantheakis’ book, Doda’s code name in private messages appears to be “Romeo”. In the message exchange they would discuss if they would go to a swingers club or a sex cinema, or talk about the apartment they had found to meet secretly.

In her account, Niki said that Doda would often receive phone-calls from Athina when he was with her and would always be annoyed.

According to the woman, Onassis had no idea her husband was cheating on her.