There was something for everyone at Lexus’ showing off their brand new series of cars.

Most notable among them was the RC-F, that will surely be adored by fans of high-speed and performance driving, with its V8 engine offering 470.7 horsepower and a capacity of five litres.

For those that prefer comfort and elegance however, there is the option of the highly stylish LS Sedan with its advanced navigational systems that offer full safety towards its passengers.

As the people of the luxury car developer stated, the most important element for them is the so called “omotenashi”, which translates to “hospitality”, meaning the attempt to make their customers feel as comfortable and at home as possible.

Additionally, following the advancement in technologies, the people at Lexus feel an obligation to also pay the appropriate amount of attention to the safety their vehicles provide.

The space at which the reveal of the brand new series of Lexus cars was held was astonishing, as the Melbourne Jet Base is an incredible architectural achievement that only a few lucky ones will have a chance to visit.

The Japanese car dealer has signed a partnership with the private terminal, making them responsible for the safe transfer of their esteemed guests to and from this sparkling new aerodrome.