Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has addressed the possibility of Greeks abroad having a say in Greek elections.

In an interview on ANT1, Nikos Hadjimanikolaou confronted the PM directly, saying that members of the diaspora have concerns about why he is not giving them the right to vote in national elections from abroad.

“To my knowledge, a committee was set up as an initiative of the Interior Minister with distinguished experts … with the findings set to be discussed in Parliament,” Mr Tsipras said.

“The findings foresee the possibility of voting in the diaspora, but through a system where Greeks who live, for example, in faraway destinations … in America, Australia, Africa, will have the ability to elect their own MPs through a system that will take them into consideration.”

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However the PM was clear in stating that while Greeks abroad may be given a say, they will not have the ability to affect the balance of power, which will stay with Greeks living in the country.

“Greeks who live in Greece have more reason to shape policies, because they are the ones who live these policies daily.”

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