Neos Kosmos is reaching out to stakeholders in the Greek Australian community and citizens at large ahead of the 18 May Australian elections. We are posing questions as to what they would do in the top job. 

Dr Bo Svoronos is known for his work as senior creative producer for the Footscray Community Arts Centre, but he is also currently establishing 3kps, a creative industry operation focused on producing, consulting, engagement and mentoring. His specialties, include festival and events consultation/management, research and development, live event services, tour management, select catering operations, arts management, creative collaborations and cultural entrepreneurship.

What would you do on your first day on the job?
Take the day off and go motorbike riding

What are the issues you feel need to be addressed?
Water and climate change, affordable housing and home ownership, migration and refugees, bridging the divides between excessive wealth and poverty, Gender Parity, Indigenous self-determination, addressing regional and rural Australia’s issues, and a big lack of charisma.

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What are some of the urgent issues for the Greek Australian community?
Aged care and growing elderly with dignity and support

What is your campaign wish list?
Free health and education, correctly questioned Republic Referendum, legislation of the creative Industries as a primary industry, increased local Government investment and resourcing, strengthening Australia’s regional position within the Asia-Pacific (with an emphasis on increasing Oceanic nations support and development), ratification of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage charter for the safeguarding and redress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and culture, ban on all privately operated prisons and a complete overhaul by all State governments of their justice and corrections measures towards a contemporary system of rehabilitation, and basically creating Australia to be a leading 21st Century nation that’s dealt with the open wounds of its past bounding bravely into an unknown.

HAVE YOUR SAY! What would you do as Prime Minister? Share your views on the key issues of the 18 May election campaign by answering the above four questions and sending your responses to All views should be accompanied by an email address and telephone number.