A new app, developed in Athens, aims to create the biggest database to document coastlines globally by allowing users to share information and photos on anything to do with the sea.

The Greek coastline is famous for its diversity, from sandy beaches and pebbly shores to sheltered bays and coves with crystal-clear waters. Stretching more than 15,500km in length, and covering 6000 beaches and 1100 anchorages and great coastal services, Greece’s shores are amazing.

Despite the beauty, finding the perfect place around the coastlines on vacations, can be challenging, since everyone has their own interests, needs and limited vacation time. Now, the Keeano app has eliminated the conundrum of spending hours of planning, driving or sailing around to find the perfect beach.

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The idea of finding that perfect place on the coastline, based on individual interests, needs and mode of transportation is now made easier thanks to this useful smartphone app. Keeano, named after the greenish-blue cyan hue derived from the ancient Greek word “κυανό”. The Athens-based company’s vision, according to founder Ilias Bogordos is “to change the way travellers plan, choose and visit coastal destinations globally, whether travelling by land or by sea”.

The Keeano team worked to develop the first mobile search engine for global coastlines, providing personalised results for users. To use it, travellers type in their destination location and enter their preferences. They can also take a more active role by sharing sea reports on accidents, water and beach pollution, jellyfish sightings and other hazards along the way to help give other users a ‘heads-up’ about other conditions in an area.

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The app already has a database that documents more than 36,500 places, such as beaches, anchorages, marinas and ports. The active community is growing fast with users from around the world.

The company’s journey, though brief, kicked off with multiple awards and presentations by it’s creators – a team of three devoted engineers and sea lovers. From Eurobank’s initiative Enter-Grow-Go “egg”, where they were awarded among top 30 Startups in Greece for the year 2017, to winning the competition of BlueGrowth for the best Maritime startups in Greece in 2018, the company raised seed funding scaling up their business value and team members to 7. A very important partnership with another Greek start-up MarineTraffic combined with the team’s passion resulted in Keeano v2.

For more details: https://www.keeano.com