Antiquities uncovered during work on the Thessaloniki Metro are to be removed from the site after the Central Archaelogical Council (KAS) of Greece decided that the plan to keep the objects close to where they were found was unreliable.

In a KAS report, the organisation questioned the method that was proposed to protect the antiquities found during the work done on the Venizelos metro station. It said the proposal would put at risk both the antiquities and the station’s operating procedures.

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The Roman era discoveries which include part of an ancient road, have generated heated debated among achaeologists, city authorities and the metro company, Attiko Metro.
KAS reached the decision after an overnight session to remove the antiquities from the site and to only reintroduce them to the site once the station has been built.
The metro project which was commissioned in 2003 has been delayed by several years because of the discoveries it has unearthed. It was originally planned to be completed by 2012.