Throughout this month Christine Polyzos is running a ‘Meri Month of May’ campaign celebrating regional Greek dishes.

Recipes from the many colourful regions of Greece are posted daily on her website

Day two showcased a galatopita Photo: Instagram

“Greece has so many lesser-known regional dishes and I would love for everyone to learn about them. I am inviting other Greek-food bloggers and the Kali Orexi community to prepare a special recipe from their meri or their parents’ or grandparents’ MERI and share it with the hashtag #merimonthofmay,” says Ms Polyzos.

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Happy Protomagia – Καλή Πρωτομαγιά (May 1st) and Happy #merimonthofmay!!! • Today is the first day of my little campaign the #merimonthofmay! For the first week of the #merimonthofmay we are having a Greek Pie Drive. We are celebrating all things pies or pites. The first recipe I’m sharing with you is one my mother taught me when I was just 22 years of age, Prasopita – Leek Pie. This recipe originates from Thessalia, Greece – my mother’s birthplace and a part of Greece well known for its pites. This prasopita has everything – crispy, crunchy fillo; sweet, juicy flavoursome leeks; and creamy-feta salt bursts… it is an eating sensation! • I have created a video for this recipe, where you will learn how to make your own fillo pastry, how to make this absolutely delicious pita and what made me decide to learn how to make fillo pastry in the first place. My youngest also makes an impromptu appearance in the video! Link in bio 👆 👆 👆 • Making fillo needs a bit of patience and perseverance, and of course time – which many of us have more of right now. So go for it, have a go and #rollyourownfillo. Your first two or three attempts may yield holy and odd shaped fillo sheets… but don’t give up! Before you know it, you will understand how much pressure you need to apply to the fillo to stretch it out and when it needs to be dusted with extra flour, because it's getting too tacky to work with… and you will start making soft, beautiful fillo sheets, that you can use in any pita! • So join me for the Greek Pie Drive this week and make a pita from your MERI (I think I may need to initiate a separate campaign for this too) and use the hashtag #merimonthofmay so I can share your creation with the KO community! • • • #itstimetolearn #rollyourownfillo #rollyourown #regionaldish #αποταμερημας #fromourparts #letslearnregionaldishes #letscelebrateregionaldishes #greekaustralians #australiangreeks #australianswithgreekheritage #greeklife #greeks #greekposts #instagreece #greekfood #greekcooking #greekrecipes #kaliorexi #kalioreximelbourne

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The Meri Month of May began with a week of all things pites, with week two beginning this Friday focusing on soups and stews.

Greek appetisers will be the highlight of week three and then ending of course with Greek desserts in week four of the campaign.

You can find the recipes and how-to videos on the Kali Orexi website.

Kali orexi!