As a first year law student and someone who has a genuine desire to help those in my community, I sympathise with the students currently completing their VCE studies. I know firsthand about the stresses that VCE can inflict on students, especially those who strive to perform their best. I was fortunate enough during my VCE journey to have mentors and a large support network who aided me not only with my academics, but with my mental health and wellbeing, which is fundamental during such a fast paced year.  I am well aware that the unprecedented events of the Coronavirus are likely to be posing significant implications on students who are currently completing their VCE studies. Whether that be students not being able to learn as effectively remotely, or students feeling anxious about the situation and how their highly anticipated ATAR may be impacted as a result, I knew I wanted to do something to help.

I am one to put others before myself and I was eager to find a way to alleviate some of these stresses experienced by VCE students. This led me to the idea of creating Youtube videos using my account “Theodoula Vorenas” as a way of offering free tutoring to VCE students. The purpose of my videos is to consolidate the knowledge that students have already learned in order to equip them with the skill of higher order thinking that is necessary to do well during the examination, as a way of diverting from the rest of the cohort. I use my videos to break down key concepts and explain every single dot point in the study design of the subject. I have also taken into consideration the adjusted study designs that have been published as a result of the current circumstances. My videos align with these changes as I acknowledge that there is little purpose in students sitting through material that is not examinable.

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At present, I have uploaded videos regarding the subject ‘Health and Human Development 3/4’ and look to expand my channel by creating videos for other subjects too such as ‘Legal Studies 3/4’ and ‘Business Management 3/4’. I have received an overwhelming amount of support and messages from students thanking me for providing them with this free service. In addition, the provision of posting my videos on this platform allows for students to access them at any time, which is likely to be extremely useful to students especially prior to the examination period.

Ultimately, I have decided to begin this endeavour for the benefit of the greater good. I get such satisfaction out of knowing that others are solidifying their knowledge from watching my videos. My hope is to inspire and motivate students to continue working hard even during a time of uncertainty. My advice to all VCE students is that through perseverance, consistency and commitment, anything is able to be achieved. I encourage all VCE students studying these subjects to make use of my YouTube channel.

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