Accepting an invitation from Victoria University’s Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, paid a three-day visit to Melbourne this week.

The Archbishop met with the Greek Australian researcher, who is leading a research team in search of drugs to treat the coronavirus.

“We asked for special permission to bring Archbishop Makarios to the laboratories and to bless us. Because he has research experience, he can understand our struggle. We want his support, his blessing and his prayers,” Prof. Apostolopoulos said.

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Also present at the meeting were Ms Corinne Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research at Victoria University; Mr Ross Coller, Director of Scientific Advancement; and Ms Yvette Petersen, Associate Director Scientific Development at the University.

Following a presentation on the latest research developments, the team of scientists responded to questions from the Archbishop and his entourage, consisting of Deacon Christoforos, Director of the Personal Office of the Archbishop and Archdeacon Athenagoras, who has also completed doctorate studies in physics at the University of Stanford.

During a tour at the laboratories, His Eminence blessed the efforts of Prof. Apostolopoulos and her collaborators.

“I am very optimistic that the research currently being carried out at this Centre will bear fruit and that we will soon have light in the fight against the pandemic. I hope and pray that God’s time has come and that humanity will be saved. I congratulate you for your efforts and your work and I share your anxieties and late nights,” the Archbishop said.