Greece recorded 78 new cases of COVID-19 and three new deaths on Friday. Following the highest number since lockdown, it was decided to make mask-wearing compulsory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces where proper social distancing cannot be observed.

Ten of the new cases were confirmed during checks at the country’s air and land entry points, while 24 were registered in the Attica region and 18 in the Thessaloniki region, including a cluster at a wedding.

The wedding ceremony, attended by 150 guests, took place in Ambelokipi Thessaloniki. After the event, the groom, father of the groom and many guests had to go to hospital as 16 guests were found to have COVID-19 from the 100 that got tested after developing symptoms.

The groom told SKAI that he got married on the weekend, and developed fever-like symptoms on Tuesday. The next day he received messages that guests at his wedding also had symptoms.

Everyone went to the hospital for tests and were found to be positive.

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“I was afraid. The first doctors were somewhat reassuring. The doctors on the next shift frightened me a little to be honest because they saw low white cells and told me that I am in a high-risk group,” the groom said.

“We didn’t even greet each other at church, nor did we do the rounds at tables at the hall.”

The groom has no idea who may have infected the rest. “Nobody was sick, I didn’t feel sick,” he said.

Cases have been confirmed at the islands of Zakynthos (2), Lefkada (2), and Kefalonia (1) in the Ionian Sea, and one case in Lesvos  in the North Aegean and 1 in the Dodecanese region.

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The total number of cases for Greece is at 4,477 (54.8 per cent men) of which 1,267 are connected to travel abroad and 2,218 to already known cases, according to the National Public Health Organization.

Nine individuals are intubated in hospitals and 77.8 per cent are men.

Fatalities now total 206 since the pandemic broke out in Greece, and the median age of all deceased was 76 years.