With the recent shortage of red meat on the market due to coronavirus, the demand of fish has increased. But what fish to cook? Where do you get them and how much do they cost?

Menelaos Parianos, who has been reporting on fish for 25 years on ABC radio every Saturday told Neos Kosmos, “The supermarket has two to three items, you will not find much variety. If you go to the market it is better because you will find a fisherman who goes to the fish market and cuts everything in his shop”.

Mr Parianos advises that is the best thing is to try everything and not to get all the same seafood.

“Experts advise we should eat a little of everything. So with fish, we have to try them all, but mostly not from the fish farm,” he said.

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Mr Parianos first started his career at his father’s fish shop.

“He would not even let me hold a knife at first, he would tell me ‘you will only pack and watch’, up until two years later I got bored of watching and grabbed the knife. He taught me to cut, to sharpen the knife because that too is art. But above all, my father made me human. Because I worked with him, he taught me to be patient, to laugh and to cry. The passion of Ikarian,” he said.

You can find Mr Parianos at 284-296 Center Rd, Bentleigh, ‘Extra Fresh Center’ who has been there for 25 years.

*Translated by Marianna Alepidis