From tomorrow, Melburnians will be able to visit each other in their homes however these must remain within the 25km radius and can only take place once a day.

People can have different visitors each day but they should be from just one other household, hence no more than two households can come into contact per day when visiting each other.

During these visits, it is recommended that people wear masks and police would be knocking on doors to enforce the rule.

Households will need to keep records as to who has visited them and when in order that contact tracing be done more swiftly.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews said: “This is just about making sure that people can connect, but we can’t have a situation where people are having visitors in the morning, visitors at lunchtime, visitors in the evening, and then each of those visitors are in turn going and visiting other homes also.”

“I know people may want to do that, but that is not, on the best of public health advice, safe at this time.”

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Mr Andrews mentioned his daughter, Grace. He said that if she were to go on a play date and come back to his household that would count as one visit and would fill his household’s daily quota.

“We might as well all have gone and visited because Grace could be bringing the virus back into our house, so that’s the basic logic to it,” he said.

Outdoor gatherings are still the safer option. Mr Andrews said that though most people feel safest in their home, it “is actually the most dangerous environment for the spread of this virus” and he encouraged people to go outdoors. Melburnians who share houses would need to coordinate visits and keep the rules.