A survey looking into the sexual habits of 30,000 people from 26 nationalities has found that Greeks have sex most often with 89 per cent of adults saying they have sex at least once a week.

The survey by condom-maker Durex asked respondents questions about their sexual health, how often they had intercourse and how satisfied they were with their sex lives. After the Greeks, Brazillians scored next with 85% of adults saying they had sex once a week followed by Russians at 80 percent.

Ninety one per cent of Brazillans and 86 percent of Greeks “strongly agreed” that sex was an integral part of their health and well being – which pointed to a “sex postitive” mindset.

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Greeks and Nigerians shared the honours in taking the longest per sex session at 21 minutes.

The Nigerians topped the list as the nation most happiest with their sex lives with 67percent saying they were “very/extremely satisfied” with their sex lives. They were followed by Mexico, India and Poland with Greece ranking fifth with 54percent claiming a high level of sexual satisfaction.

Just 15 percent of Japanese respondents said they were “very/extremely satisfied” with their sex lives. Just 34 percent said they had sexual intercourse once a week.

The Japanese have the longest working hours in the world which may account for the lower figures.