Australia’s famous ‘Wog Boy’, Nick Giannopoulos has announced that the third instalment of his smash hit comedy film series will hit the silver screen in 2022.

Wog Boy 3 will be bringing back Mr Giannopoulos’ co-star Vince Colosimo, along with some new faces like Home And Away’s Sarah Roberts, Australian DJ Havana Brown who has opened show for the like of Britney Spear and social media comedians Sooshi Mango.

“We pick up 20 years later and find Steve at a very different stage of his life and reminiscing about his journey.

Mr Giannopoulos told the Herald Sun that the story picks up “20 years later” finding his beloved character Steve “at a very different stage of his life”. He hopes the film “reflects the Australians we are now”.

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“In the first Wog Boy film it was clearly spelled out that Steve decided to call himself a Wog Boy because he’d been called that his whole life so that theme continues,’’ Mr Giannopoulos said.

“We have a whole array of cultural backgrounds…It’s got a very important message to tell, what sort of country and society we want to be now.”

While comedy through a strong story was at the forefront of Mr Giannopoulos’ writing, he was further propelled to realise his the film after losing his father Leonidas in January.

Mr Giannopoulos remembers how his father fell ill while he was in the middle of writing the script.

“I read him parts of it and he was laughing and loving it and he said keep going. They’re memories I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.”