Victoria’s lockdown ends at 11.59pm on Tuesday and there are hopes that the state will emerge from restrictions, with an announcement to be made either today or on Tuesday.

Premier Daniel Andrews and his cabinet met for high-level meetings on Sunday night to discuss the current situation in the state, and there are hopes that weekend protests have not resulted in any new COVID-19 infections.

If the schedule goes according to plan, regional and metropolitan areas will be able to reopen schools and operate hospitality with fewer restrictions. Furthermore, it is expected that the five essential reasons to leave home will also be scrapped.

Even with an announcement for lockdown to be lifted, it is expected there will still be a number of restrictions in place. These will include density caps in hospitality venues, as well as density limits concerning community sports.

Masks are expected to continue to be mandatory, both indoors and outdoors, even after restrictions ease.

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Health sources would not confirm whether travel limits would be imposed.

Mr Andrews has cautioned that despite the easing of restrictions, rules would still remain in place post-lockdown.

Epidemiologists said a “slow road out” was needed, bearing in mind the increased threat of the Delta variant.