The other Hermit Kingdom, North Korea has announced that it will retaliate against Australia for its ‘nuclear’ subs and the AC/DC alliance, even though we technically have the ANZUS Treaty. This Hawke era treaty ensures the US must come to our aid if we are attacked, and therefore we don’t need any publicity stunts or a red rag to the bull.

Publicity stunts from a failed ad man should always be avoided. We should not be drawn into any direct conflicts with that other Hermit Kingdom or China, especially when there is no guarantee that Britain or the US will have our back this far from their own fiefdoms. America First in most parts of the USA implies we aren’t a priority.

In my opinion, the nuclear submarines deal is the most erroneous foreign policy decision since the illegal invasion of Iraq. Back then the government could at least lie and say they were looking to find some weapons of mass destruction, most knew these weapons didn’t exist. The PM has endangered our nation as he seeks to be the Sheriff of the Pacific. Or, that ‘fella from Down Under,’ no, not Mick Dundee who was always assured in a world of vultures and crocodiles, but that chap who needs a holiday in Hawaii.

We are signatories to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Agreement. We should not seek out conflict with China and North Korea, we should not follow the Americans all the time and we should not ditch genuine allies the FRENCH, who actually have vested interests and territories in the Pacific. They also gave us French Fries and a decent bottle of wine, what did Biden gives us?

According to the DFAT website, “Australia is committed to the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons and has long championed international nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament efforts through a pragmatic, realistic and progressive approach.” Did anyone tell our PM who will heroically leave Australia for another trip? The last trip he took, he returned in June and incredibly Delta arrived too. Not on the same plane as his large entourage would have been cautious when on sight-seeing trips in the UK and in home quarantine. Remember, 38,000 Australians can’t get home, but the hero of our story gets to save the world in business class.

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Jokes aside, the PM has ensured this deal won’t be delivered until 2040 something, totally slow, and they actually have no idea what the submarines will look like. We will have four submarines fewer than the submarines the French were building. After what happened to the Afghanis and now the French, who would trust Australia again? If Labor wins the next election, I hope they can reverse this idiotic decision next year. Why not pay compensation to the Americans?

I know I complain a lot, but this is one of the worst decisions the LNP has made. Luckily, we can easily find $2.4 billion in an economic downturn to pay the French for breaking the contract. Money that should go to the travel industry as they look to get back to business, not for breaking deals with allies.

Last year when the Turks got rough with Greece, the French sent ships and troops and spoke up for Greece. A good friend to Greece and also Cyprus. The French are ardent supporters of democracy, allies and freedoms. Importantly, the EU and France are currently negotiating with Australia on trade. Do you think that that this will help or hinder the negotiations?

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We are a laughing stock in the Western World as nations from Greece to Ireland scratch their heads and beards at the stupidity of this government. We the people should have been consulted at the very least. We must stay away from any nuclear style weaponry.

We cannot afford to be caught up in US and China spats and we shouldn’t be ditching true friends.