The Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) is surrounded by controversy with plenty of infighting and poor management.

The HFF executive committee is in distress and there is speculation as to whether a UEFA mission will head to Greece.

In June 2019, the lease on the HFF offices expired incurring a million euros in unpaid rent and a penalty clause of 1,000 euros per day was incurred by the federation.

In October of this year, the HFF Court of Arbitration for Football asked the Greek government to pick up the tab.

In an interview with Express Sport, Greek footballer Angelos Charisteas urged UEFA to take strong action against the bigger, more power-hungry clubs.

Months ago, the Football federation had its presidential election

“The HFF elected a new president, my teammate in the national team in 2004, Mr [Theodoros] Zagorakis,” Christeas said.

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“Almost 99 per cent of the voters chose him and wanted him to lead football in Greece, and everybody was hoping to have changes under UEFA and FIFA instructions.

“But almost six months later, Zagorakis has chosen to leave the Greek Football Federation.”

Charisteas said that two, maybe four clubs in Greece, are in a good position while “the rest are trying to survive financially”.

Zagorakis, Charisteas’ former teammate during Greece’s golden year of football in 2004, pulled out because, according to Charisteas, he was not granted the freedom to make decisions.

“Some big clubs try to control everything, and that’s why we didn’t focus to create good teams and to develop players, young players, etc,” Charisteas said. “We are, you know, thinking more how to control the referees, how to control everything around football.”

HFF’s chaotic mismanagement has been seen across the board, including in Super League 2 clubs, and in October the HFF Court of Arbitration for Football found violations which resulted in the exemption of 10 Superleague 2 clubs from the licensing procedure.

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The Greek Supreme Court has annulled the Administration’s decisions and ruled that HFF Deputy President Panagiotis Dimitriou, Vice President Stergios Antoniou and Treasurer Klearchos Tzaferis should be removed from the federation concerning alleged breaches. Though no longer in their positions, it is still unknown what punishments they will receive should they be found guilty.

No sooner was a senior administrative judge in the Federation’s Arbitral Tribunal appointed to investigate the case that his car was allegedly vandalised while parked outside his house, resulting in his resignation just a few hours of his appointment. There are reports of threats and intimidation within the Federation.