The Victorian Greek aged care facility Fronditha Care St Albans is currently dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Fronditha Care St Albans has confirmed that 25 residents, out of the total of 74 had returned positive COVID19 results. Sixteen staff out of 106 also returned positive tests, and they are all isolating and “doing well.”

Fronditha Care says that one unvaccinated resident with underlying health issues passed away in the morning.

The outbreak is contained to one wing and all residents of that wing, except for three, are fully vaccinated.

According to a press statement from Fronditha Care St Albans, “Twenty-two residents remain asymptomatic, two residents continued to test negative, and all residents are isolating in their rooms and are in good health and great spirits.”

Faye Spiteri OAM, the CEO of Fronditha Care, reassured the community that the organisation is doing “everything it possibly can to protect and ensure the safety and wellbeing of its residents, and staff.”

“With the swift actions of the St Albans Management team and support of the Public Health Unit and Western Health Outreach Team we are cautiously optimistic that this outbreak has been contained.”

The outbreak is believed to be a result of a rapid antigen test “showing a false negative result for an asymptomatic staff member.”

“Fronditha Care St Albans immediately initiated its COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan and has worked hand in glove with the Public Health Unit, DHS Victoria and Western Health Outreach Team.”

Based on test results as of Friday, 19 November, all residents who had previously tested negative have again returned negative results.

Regular testing of residents and staff is ongoing. The press statement says that “Fronditha Care St Albans, continues to follow strict infection control procedures in line with policies and as guided by the Public Health Unit, DHS Victoria.”

Ms Spiteri said that there is “open and regular communication with all residents, families, representatives, and staff of Fronditha Care St Albans.”

“We really appreciate the cooperation, assistance and understanding of families during this time.”

The CEO also hosted an online briefing for residents, their family, and representatives, together with the Executive General Manager Residential Services, St Albans Manager and with the participation of Jill Taylor (Nikitakis), President and Kostas Livadaras, Director.

“I want to sincerely thank the Board of Directors, the Executive and especially the facility Manager and each St Albans staff member, the Public Health Unit, DHS Victoria and Western Health for working collaboratively through this very challenging time”

Ms Spiteri OAM encouraged all to get vaccinated and follow health advice.