The results of a study looking at the contribution of Greek pioneers in the fields of medicine and biomedical research in the 200 years since the independence is to be announced in Athens today. (Saturday, 27 November).

The study entitled “1821-2021: Greek Pioneers and Innovators in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences” was carried out by the ARISTEiA Institute for the Advancement of Research and Education in Arts Sciences and Technology in partnership with Deree-The American College of Greece sponsored by Attica Sciences, Ltd. and Algonot, LLC.

“The objective of this project pertains to demonstration of the most prominent scientific contributions of Greek physicians and biomedical scientists in the last 200 years,” said Associate Professor Konstantinos Drosatos, the vice president of ARISTEiA, who co-ordinated the study.

The study was implemented by Dr Apostole Elder (Researcher in the History of Medicine, University of Coburg, Germany. It was supervised by a scientific council of leading Greek academics based in Greece, Switzerland, Britain and the United States.

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The study looked at the historical contribution of 63 Greeks to the development of medical and biomedical research over 200 years. It highlighted the work of 20 physicians between 1821 to 1921. It also looked at the contribution of 35 clinicians and key researchers in the period 1922-2021 and eight distinguished scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.

The results of the study were announced at special event held at the Foundation of Fine Arts and Music Band M Theocharaki in Athens on Friday at an event entitled: “1821-2021 Greek pioneers in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences”.