Renowned chef Peter Conistis is one of the trailblazers when it come to making Grecian cuisine a hype in Australia.

Conistis’ love for South Aegean cuisine translates into yet another project of love bringing together traditional Greek recipes with locally sourced Hellenic and Australian produce.

A new restaurant bringing the spirit of the Mediterranean Sea to Sydney Harbour’s promenade, Ploos (the art/act of sailing, a voyage in sea, Πλους).

On Ploos’ menu, dishes from Cyprus, Crete and the Middle East work together to create a unique experience.

Artisanal cheeses, cured meats, single origin Cretan olive oils and natural spices, sourced directly from the wild and mountainous terrain of Crete and nearby Cyprus, accompany the best of Australian seafood.

Patrons get to enjoy the menu with a view of Sydney’s iconic Opera House from the comfort of a heritage listed warehouse of Campbell’s Cove.

True to its name, Ploos sets out to travel its guests to Greece with flavours like stuffed vine leaves, aylesbury duck kibbeh, tahini yoghurt, Nissiotiki salad, spanakopita, sheftalies, grilled swordfish, plaki, stifadho, lamb Tomahawk, eggplant hummus and more.

Ploos is now open Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm until late.