The Anemones dancing group plays a major part in the lives of these Greek Australian women, many of whom are grandmothers.

COVID-19 and Victoria’s lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 impacted on them – no dancing.

Nola, a founding member, and leader of the group, agreed to have the Anemones filmed by Neos Kosmos.

Nola said that the Anemones “get together every week to practice.”

“We go for excursions and even for coffee, and before the corona virus we’d visit aged care homes and entertain the residents.”

Katerina who has attended Anemones for the last 20 years says the dancing group has changed her life, “I live alone, and I love the dancing, even though my feet hurt.”

“My doctor said that I should dance even if my feet hurt, because it’s good for me,” she said to Neos Kosmos.

Maria has been going for seven years and said, “I love going out of the house and meeting new people.”

Maria said “the vaccination came into our lives and has become essential.”

“Our whole family has had all three vaccinations, they enable us to go out again,” Maria said.

Anemones dancing group improved the physical and mental health of these women. The group has created longstanding friendships for them, and as one participant said, “we’re like a family, we are sisters.”

Maro who now lives alone, and said “Anemones are critical to me, they give me much needed recreation links to friends.”

She too has had all three vaccinations because of previous health issues and is a strong advocate for vaccinations, including the booster.

Sophia loves to dance and more than that she loves how Anemones have created ” connections with fellow women which makes life less lonely.”

“We love each other, and you know love always pulls you in,” she said.

Sophia said that she has friends who have yet to get vaccinated, and she tells them that “the vaccination is needed for health and a better life.”

The Anemones stressed that all three vaccinations enabled them to live life again, to see and hug their grandchildren, and to participate in what they love most, dancing.

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