Short videos featuring interesting facts about the Greek gods and heroes, the art and archaeology of the mysterious Cycladic Civilisation, the Minoan Civilisation, were launched by artist Lance Hewison, through his YouTube channel Tiny Epics History, which was borne during the successive Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020.

Hewison is an artist from San Francisco, currently residing in Germany. His passion for history, mythology, archaeology and art and his love for making videos, prompted him to create Tiny Epics and share his knowledge with everyone.

Most videos are under ten minutes. They are entertaining and educational, containing even an interview with renown British archaeologist, Colin Renfrew, a leading expert on Bronze Age in the Aegean.

His videos include unknown facts about Medusa, interesting information about the tattoo-like markings on the Early Cycladic figures, and ten videos explaining the Olympian Gods, amongst them goddess Athena, which has been viewed over 1 million times.

Another highlight for history buffs, is the playlist Hewison has created providing a fascinating insight into life during the Minoan Bronze Age, which flourished from ca. 3000–1450 BC in Crete. The videos include an interview with Greek archaeologist Nanno Marinatos, about the famous frescos of Knossos and Akrotiri and the Minoan religion.

Tiny Epics is a work in progress, with the newest addition featuring Lance Hewison’s travels around Greece, titled A New Odyssey. The videos tour the Hill of Muses in Athens, they depict the Greek Independence Day celebrations on March 25th, and a trip to Mycenae in the Argolid.

Hewison’s website also offers tips on books, based on the world of Greek mythology.

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