Counting of postal and absentee votes began on Monday. While it was a clear victory for Labor led by Dan Andrews, some seats are still too close to call.

Neos Kosmos took a quick tally on how most of the more prominent Greek Australian candidates faired.

Labor’s Nick Staikos took Bentleigh with a convincing 58 per cent of the vote counted, while Labor’s Kat Theophanous, who snatched back Northcote from the Greens in 2018, is hanging on for dear life.

It looked as though the Greens would retake the once traditional Labor inner northern seat on election night, mainly based on Liberal preferences. However, by Sunday morning it seemed that Theophanous could make it. Mid-week, while still too close to call, Theophanous is edging ahead 51.2 per cent to the Greens’ Campbell Gome at 48.8 per cent at a total of 71.59 per cent of the votes counted.

Steve Dimopoulos the member for Oakleigh, at 63.2 per cent claimed victory over the Liberals’ Jim Grivokostopoulos at 36.8 per cent. Grivokostopoulos who sought to garner the anti-Dan, anti-lockdown sentiment among some of the area’s Greeks failed to dent Dimopoulos’ lead, the swing against Labor was only 2.7 per cent in Oakleigh.

Lee Tarlamis has comfortably retaken his upper house seat representing the South Eastern Metropolitan Region by a wide berth.

Labor’s Anthony Cianflone retained Pascoe Vale at 52.8 per cent of the vote counted, however the Greens Angelica Panopoulos was not far behind at 47.2 per cent. The territory like many of the inner-city regions has a more professional cohort and one that is much greener than those there in the past. A 5 per cent swing against Labor means that Mr Cianflone will need to work hard to buck the trend.

The Liberals’ Amanda Paliouras did little to shift Preston even though there was a whopping 18.9 per cent against Labor. The ALPs Nathan Lambert may take Preston, but the Greens’ Patchouli Paterson is a close second, and independent Gaetano Greko, who ran on the save the Preston Market platform, may with the allocation of preferences, snatch Preston from Labor.

Liberal Andrew Katos, the former member for South Barwon, at 40.3 per cent failed to regain his old seat as he was beaten by Labor’s Daren Cheeseman, who garnered 59.7 per cent of the vote. At 65 per cent of the votes counted and a 5.7 per cent swing to Labor, Katos is most definitely out.

Labor also took St Albans convincingly and Independent Virginia Tachos and Animal Justice Party’s Jason Caracassis did not garner more than a combined, 4 per cent of the vote. Nina Taylor took Marin Foley’s old seat of Albert Park regardless of the concerted effort by Kim Samiotis from the Greens and by Georgie Tasoulis Dragwidge an energetic new independent to provide an alternative. Liberal Nick Stavrou is still fighting for the upper house seat of Southern Metropolitan, and while counting has not finished yet and preferences have not been allocated, there is a possibility alas not a probability, that he may win.

None of the Greek Australians in minor protest parties such as Freedom Party and Angry Victorians did anything in this election regardless of the noise.