Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos will be the guest of honour at the Food For Thought Network AGM on Sunday, 11 December, at 8pm. Members and friends of the Greek Australian Women’s Network, or FFTN are invited.

After the AGM, FFTN patron and leading virologist Prof. Vasso Apostolopoulos will introduce Prof. Catherine Itsiopoulos as guest speaker.

Prof. Itsiopoulos is the Executive Dean of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University and the Vice President of the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

Having spent her career studying the longevity of Greek migrants, the Mediterranean diet and way of life, she will delve into benefits and dispel myths and confusion about diets, nutrition and lifestyle.

Prof. Itsiopoulos is a leader in dietetics and human nutrition. Her research focuses on the therapeutic potential of a traditional Mediterranean diet on prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, fatty liver, depression, dementia and childhood asthma. Finally, she is widely published having authored more than 100 peer reviewed papers with over 5000 citations and three books on the Mediterranean Diet which are used across Australia in clinic trials.