In a collaborative effort, La Trobe University’s Greek Studies Program and the La Trobe University Greek Society (LUGS) have come together to present a talk by Mark Dymiotis, an authority on the traditional Mediterranean diet.

The event will delve into the practical aspects of the traditional Greek diet prevalent in the 1950s and beyond. It is celebrated as the quintessential Mediterranean diet – renowned for its health benefits, affordability, and environmentally conscious principles.

Dymiotis will shed light on the various food components that define this diet while addressing the recent misuse of the term ‘MedDiet.’ The talk will also emphasise the significance of the traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern’s natural and easily cultivated flavours.

Mark Dymiotis, who is from Cyprus and was raised on the traditional Mediterranean diet, has an academic background in engineering from institutions in Greece and the Netherlands.

Dymiotis has also held the position of Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University and has been sharing his expertise on the basics of the Mediterranean diet at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne since 1989. His commitment to promoting the traditional diet is evident in his personal garden, which has earned high praise from a visiting reporter who remarked, “A visit to Mark’s garden makes you think.”

Where and when: 6:30 pm, Thursday November 2, at La Trobe University, ELT1 (Eastern Lecture Theatre 1) Bundoora campus, between the Agora and Simpson Lawn.

Contact: Dr Stavroula Nikoloudis