Popular pop-up Kafeneion, hailed as the city’s favourite of 2023, has now established a semi-permanent home on Spring Street set to open doors on February 7, marking a significant shift in Melbourne’s culinary scene.

As Kafeneion settles into its new space, restaurateur Con Christopoulos is already orchestrating a radical transformation for the vacant Bourke Street site.

Since the closure of the original Kafeneion in December, anticipation has surrounded its next move.

Kafeneion opening up for business. Phtoo: Instagram

Christopoulos, known for his other successful ventures like The European and French Saloon, expressed his intention to find a larger, permanent home for Kafeneion.

The move to Melbourne Supper Club on Spring Street represents a momentous step, offering a clubby feel with its split-level layout and late-night license, allowing Kafeneion to extend its hours until 4 am.

“I was sitting in there the other night and it just felt good. We started playing Greek music. We’ve had a lot of family events in there, so it has nice memories,” Christopoulos told The Age’s Good Food.

Con Christopoulos and partner Stavros Konis. Photo: Supplied

The familiar furniture and table settings from the original Kafeneion will find their place in the new venue, but the ambiance will take on a salon-like quality. The menu, while undergoing seasonal changes, will retain the beloved flavors that made Kafeneion an instant classic.

Simultaneously, the former Bourke Street site undergoes a revolutionary transformation into Bossa Nova Sushi.

Enjoying the last day at the old Kafeneion venue back in December like a Greek, reading Neos Kosmos. Photo: @dean_kotsianis /@yitonia_ / @kafeneion_melbourne/Instagram

This novel addition to the Christopoulos stable embraces a sushi train concept with a distinctive Brazilian theme permeating the drinks, music, and decor. Drawing inspiration from the substantial Japanese-Brazilian population, the venue will serve fast yet high-quality Japanese food, complemented by an array of drinks from sake to the vibrant Caipirinhas.

“I’ve had some incredible Japanese meals in Brazil,” says Christopoulos. “Less mall, more made-to-measure, Bossa Nova Sushi will cater to 26 people, with takeaway also available.”