ERTFLIX, the digital platform by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), has been making waves with its informative and entertaining programs. It immediately captured the hearts of Greeks by offering them the opportunity to watch both new and classic Greek series free of charge. Now, it is expanding its reach internationally.

This development changes the landscape, as users of the platform abroad now have access to Greek programs, movies, documentaries, fiction series, informative shows, children’s programs, sports broadcasts, historical archives of ERT, as well as 24-hour live updates from ERTnews.

In an exclusive interview, the head of ERT shares insights into the platform’s journey, its expansion beyond Greece’s borders, and the special content tailored for the Greek diaspora. Learn how ERTFLIX is bringing Greeks closer to home, offering a rich tapestry of programs, and fostering connections worldwide.

What was the main reason behind the decision for the digital platform ERTFLIX to go international?

Before delving into the international version of the ERT digital platform, let me introduce you to ERTFLIX. Created nearly four years ago, it has already charted a highly successful course, embraced by the audience from its inception. It’s worth recalling that Greece, like many countries, was under lockdown due to COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, creating a significant need for citizens to find outlets that would make their mandatory stay at home less unpleasant. For many, ERTFLIX emerged as a new alternative for on-demand viewing of ERT programs, as well as movies and series.

Our decision to extend ERTFLIX beyond the country’s borders was somewhat self-evident. The strong and enduring relationship between ERT and the Greek diaspora has been established for decades through ERT WORLD and the Voice of Greece, ERT’s global radio. With ERTFLIX, ERT aims to strengthen this connection further by offering its programs on demand to Greeks living abroad, allowing them to watch and listen whenever they desire.

Vrahioli tis Fotias (The Bracelet of Fire) series cast. Photo: Supplied

The announcement was made relatively recently. Has there been a response from the Greek diaspora so far? If yes, what has been the nature of this response?

The initial responses have been enthusiastic. It’s impressive that despite ERTflix International launching only a few months ago, thousands of compatriots have already rushed to register on the platform, even from countries where ERT’s programs were not distributed until now, such as those in Latin America. The international version of ERTFLIX overcomes the challenge of time zone differences faced by conventional broadcasting on different continents. Now, all Greeks living abroad can follow ERT programs either live or on demand.

To help Australians of Greek descent better understand, could you explain what the ERTFLIX platform is and what it offers?

To put it as simply as possible, ERTFLIX is the Netflix of ERT, and its international version is designed for Greeks living abroad, providing them the opportunity to watch ERT programs live and on demand at any time of the day, 24/7. The platform’s content is continually expanding and refreshing, with the exception of licensed foreign programs (foreign series and movies) due to rights restrictions for broadcasting outside Greece. However, the audience can already watch all our news bulletins and informative shows through the new 24-hour news channel of ERT, ERTNEWS. Additionally, ERTFLIX offers a wide array of content, including new and classic fiction series, documentaries, Greek and foreign short and feature films, along with numerous programs from the unique ERT archive and our sports broadcasts. It’s important to note that many ERT programs are available with Greek and English subtitles to cater to those Greeks less fluent in our language. Furthermore, ERTFLIX allows everyone to enjoy their favourite programs not only on television but also on any other desired device, such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

ERTFLIX becomes international. Photo: Supplied

How can we access ERTFLIX?

To access ERTFLIX, users can connect in 11 different ways, depending on their device (mobile, tablet, computer, app on smart TVs, etc.). The process is straightforward. Users outside Greece, for example, can visit our website or download the ERTFLIX app from the App Store, Google Play Store, or from the app stores of LG, Samsung, and Android TVs, as well as on their mobile phones. Following the registration instructions and easily creating their account by providing their email, users gain additional features such as “add to favourites” and “continue watching.” It’s worth noting that ERTFLIX is already available on the ROKU platform, and soon it will also be integrated into the Apple and Amazon platforms.

The ERTFLIX landing page. Photo: Supplied

Will ERTFLIX broadcast television or radio programs that may be of particular interest to the Greek diaspora?

Certainly! Producing special programs for the Greek diaspora is indeed a strategic goal for us. To provide examples, we have recently created shows such as “On the Streets of the Greeks” with Maya Tsokli, and “Greeks Around the World” with Giannis Moutsios, along with numerous radio broadcasts. Our intention is to further leverage the strong network of ERT correspondents in decision-making centers worldwide, which is already preparing special features for the diaspora on ERTNEWS. Moreover, special programs and features on Greeks living abroad who excel in various fields will now be accessible to our compatriots through the international version of ERTFLIX. Our next goal is to enrich the platform with content from the Greek diaspora, allowing Greeks abroad to showcase their own works in Greece. On that note, I would like to mention that ERT is actively participating in the creation of a digital museum with stories of Greek migrants in Australia. Through collaboration with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, ERT, through the Directorate of the Greek Diaspora, has become a co-producer of the documentary series “Our people, Their Stories,” which will soon be part of the ERTFLIX program.

Still from ‘To Vrahioli Tis Fotias”. Photo: Supplied


As the head of the National broadcasting corporation, what message would you like to send to the Greek community in Australia?

“ERTFLIX: Bringing you closer to home” is the central message of our advertising for ERTFLIX International, and that is precisely our goal. Greeks living abroad should now know that through ERT, Greece comes even closer to them every hour of the day with just the click of a button. Having lived abroad myself, I always remember seeking not only news from my homeland but also staying informed about what is happening in Greece in general. I hope all Greeks abroad will embrace our effort. It might sound ambitious, but we want ERTFLIX to become the emblem of modern Greece, deserving of our pride worldwide.