For several days, subscribers of Greek channels in Australia have been unable to access their favourite shows through the MySat subscription platform.

The company has acknowledged the issue, attributing it to damage to the satellite.

This temporary service outage has affected not only MySat but also other major broadcasting companies on the Intelsat 8 Ku satellite.

MySat’s representative, Mario Kiteri, assured subscribers that engineers are working to restore the service and that compensation will be provided for the inconvenience.

The loss of Greek channels has been particularly impactful for many, especially elderly expatriates, who view these channels as a valuable source of companionship.

Concerned subscribers, mainly their children, have been reaching out to Neos Kosmos seeking information about when the channels will be operational again.

In response to the situation, MySat has taken steps to alleviate the impact on its subscribers.

They will be offering compensation for the period without access to MySat and providing free access to the MySatGO streaming service.

“As you understand we are experiencing a major service outrage, not only us, but all the major broadcasters, on our satellite, Intelsat 8 Ku,” Kiteri told Neos Kosmos.

“The satellite itself is damaged but the engineers are working to restore service as soon as possible. It is hard to say when the service will be restored. It might take some time. We are taking all steps though to restore the satellite service.”

While the exact timeline for service restoration remains uncertain, Kiteri said, MySat is committed to keeping its subscribers informed of any developments.

They have also extended their customer service hours to address inquiries and provide assistance while expressing their gratitude for the trust and support of its subscribers during this challenging time.