Kaiti Garbi is here in Australia, entertaining her fans in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney with her hit songs alongside her son Dimitris Schinas, but it’s not the singer who has the Greeks talking – it’s her ‘biggest fan’.

Peter Diakrousis, who is President of the Cephalonian Society Of Victoria – “O Kefalos” has had “hundreds of calls” since he was recording and photographed kissing Kaiti Garbi’s hand and throwing flowers all night.

This has caught the attention of radio stations in Greece, who have been calling Peter non-stop.

“I’ve had radio stations from Greece ring me to pick on me, take the piss because they haven’t seen that done before,” he told Neos Kosmos.

“I was just being a gentleman and kissing her hand. That’s how much I respect her.

“I’m one of her biggest fans here in Melbourne, her dad is from Kefalonia.”

Daikrousis is already a well-known guy, but has perhaps become somewhat of a celebrity now. A proposition so exciting that once he heard that he in fact dropped his mobile and the call ended.

After a few minutes of both sides trying to call the other and not hearing a peep on the other side of the phone, order was restored and he got back to swooning over his favourite singer.

A regular attendee to her concerts here he said every time she used to walk past him on stage, he would kiss her hand and give her flowers.

He posted it on his Facebook and Instagram page, and since had lots of people reach out to him about it and even sending him videos of the moment.